How To Download Video From YouTube To Android

Download video from youtube to android or tablet is easy, whether or not you pay for the privilege.

When you download video from youtube, you can watch them without a data connection (internet connection), which is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on trains, planes, and trips to places without reliable mobile internet access. Downloading video from youtube to android is also great if you have a mobile plan with a limited data allowance. You can download them to your android mobile using your home Wi-Fi, and watch them moving without gambling going over your data allocation.

Download video from youtube on the android, it’s surprisingly quick easy, and it is totally free. YouTube itself provides some tools for downloading videos, and there are 3rd party tools that can do the job as well.

What do you think about Downloading YouTube videos is legal?

According to the YouTube policy, Using 3rd party apps to download YouTube videos is against Youtube’s terms of service – which state that you are only able to stream video directly from its servers. Downloading YouTube recordings also opens you up to potential copyright encroachment except. If you have consent from the copyright holder, it’s in the public domain, or you can claim the video yourself.

So, YouTube does offer a few different ways to download videos through its web service and its own apps. In this guide, we’ll explain how to do this and take you through the other option available for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Laptop/PC.

Note: the apps that we have select in this list are not all are from the Google Play Store. Do not be misled by ads and pop-ups on the download sites that may harm your phone device. It is advised to download the application from their respective official websites or trusted 3rd app store. Ensure you follow Youtube’s terms of service (that I mentioned above) before downloading content from Youtube.

Note: There is a lot of android application are available in-store for (download video from YouTube to android), but these selected apps are, UX (user experience) verified.

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3 Android Apps That Will Download Video From Youtube To Android

#1 VidMate

#2 TubeMate

#3 Videoder

  1. VidMate

When it comes to downloading YouTube videos on the mobile phone, VidMate is an application that can’t be ignored because it gives users free access to downloading videos from YouTube of the HQ (High quality). On one side, ensure this is easier for users. The video contents in this app are classified by upcoming, new releases, top-rated and popular.

That’s not all, Vidmate YouTube video downloader app also allows users for the pause, resume, break or stop during the downloading process.

As this downloading process can work in the background, so you can be absolutely free to use other apps smoothly at the same time. Here I bring the step to step guide to download YouTube videos to your image gallery or memory card (SD) card on your android phone.

Download YouTube Videos On Android Mobile Phone with VidMate

Here is the Step by Step Method!

Step 1: Download/Install VidMate APK file

As we know that YouTube policy is pretty strict about its stand on not allowing downloads of its videos, so any application that has the feature of downloading YouTube videos has been removed from Google Play Store. you can only download VidMate from its official site or other verified third party market.

Here is the official Site of VidMate Click Here and download.

vidmate video youtube video downloder

Source: Official Website of VidMate

Step 2: Search video

Install and launch the VidMate Android App, then click on the YouTube icon on the main interface to open YouTube. Put targeted keywords on YouTube to search for your desired video, Tv Series, Documentary, pr Music that you’d like to keep. Open the video, and you will see the Download button lie at the lower right corner. Click on the Download button (Maybe it would be a down arrow button.), you will be asked to select the video download resolution. Select your ideal resolution for the video, you are also given the choice to download the video as music in MP3 or M4A format.

Step 3: Download Video

Click on the Download button then the app will download automatically and you can see the downloading at the notification bar.

If you want to select the memory card as your download location. Just go to the downloaded section, and the storage selection option lies below this window.

youtube video download location

Source: Offical Website Of VidMate

2. TubeMate

Tubemate is another very popular android app for downloading YouTube videos. Did you know Tubemate is one of the most searched apps in many famous App stores? It allows users to download youtube videos directly on phone quick speed and high quality. Apart, video from YouTube, TubeMate also supports saving videos from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, and YouKu, etc.

In fact! TubeMate is also a good choice to download YouTube video directly as an MP3 file. If you prefer audio than video, during installing TubeMate, YouTube video downloader app on your mobile, you must be careful about what kind of permissions you grant, because safety is 1st priority.

Download YouTube Videos On Android Mobile Phone with TubeMate

Step 1st: Download and Install TubeMate

To be careful TubeMate isn’t on Google Play, so when you are trying to download this app, you should be careful there are many infected fake TubeMate application on Google Play and the internet. So, here is the Offical Website of TubeMate, after downloading the APK file, install it.

Step 2: Search Video

After a successful installation of TubeMate, search video on the TubeMate search bar. Put specify a keyword to search your favorite videos, you can also copy-paste the URL of YouTube videos directly instead. After a video selected a video from TubeMate, you are given the choice to download or watch it. If you like the Video, you can press the green downloading arrow to keep it on your phone. At that moment, a new interface will pop-up on which you can select the video quality you want to download.

The best feature of TubeMate is it allows users to download a maximum up to 2k size of the video. Feel free to select any resolution suits for you.

Step 3: Download Video

When you select your ideal resolution, just click the download button, and it starts to download. You should note that the downloaded videos will be stored on your memory card (SD Card) by default, and you can change the storage location at any time as you wish.

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3. Videoder

Videoder is not much popular app, but it is the best app for Youtube video downloading. The features of the Videoder are arranged briefly. It has very good UX (users experience) despite there are ads there, it has to live after all. All the operations are straightforward, anybody can understand them when they use it the first time. Simple as it seems! it does a good job when you utilize it to capture videos from YouTube with different resolutions and formats.

With this free, secure, lightweight and quick YouTube video downloader for Android close by, one can save various video documents at once with various goals on cell phones like a plug. Presently we should see the use of this application.

Download YouTube Videos On Android Mobile Phone with Videoder

Step 1st: Download and Install TubeMate

UpToDown is the official app store of the Videoder, so you can only download the video APK file from this site.

Step 2: Search Video

An evidently preferred position of Videoder is the worked in the internet browser, which gives you a chance to download streaming videos directly from supported sites, for example, YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook & Twitter and, etc. This gives you a shortcut to access to popular video contents coming this month, and download the videos fulfilling you by chance, you can also directly copy a YouTube video from the address bar and paste in the search box to download it.

Step 3: Download Video

After you choose that video, you would like to download, simply click on the white arrow on the top of the screen. The download interface can appear. During this menu, you have got 2 choices, download videos or audios. Each audio and video choices have completely different qualities for you. You’ll make a choice from MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats. once you set your quality, a new menu can prompt you to choose your video location. when you choose it, simply tab “START DOWNLOAD”, the downloading process starts.

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