7 Clever Ways To Get More Youtube Subscribers

7 Clever Ways To Get More Subscriber On YouTube in 2019

How to Get More Youtube Subscribers? Before starting, How can you improve your YouTube Subscribers or Get More Youtube Subscribers.

Let’s learn a little bit about Video Marketing.

Video marketing and video content is Trend of the year (2019)YouTube is currently the leading platform for video blogging, video sharing, and video marketing. And it’s after platform also YouTube is a product of the Google.

If you’re using an updated version of Facebook and Twitter so you know that recently both updated into the video marketing game, but they still fall way short of having the kind of impact that YouTube has.

So… if you have currently YouTube channel. You must be wondering how you can get more than more subscribers, and how can you increase the reach of your YouTube videos. Over a billion unique YouTube visitors per month, there is a large potential audience for every uploaded video. Whether it’s a video of someone performing, a prank, stand-up comedy or a video of a fashionista’s summer wear review, YouTube is the go-to platform for video consumption.

With a whole new lot of YouTube celebrity on the rise, it is definitely a platform to be considered by everyone looking for some online marketing and publicity.

YouTube is also a great platform for bloggers and marketers to broaden their internet reach by making a personal connection with their subscribers.

Note: as you know that its not an instant happening actively this tips guide to getting YouTube subscribers is long. Make sure you have enough time now to read it, or you can always bookmark it and read it later, Thanks! 


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2019 Digital Marketing Trends Boost your Content

1. Watermarked Your Video 

YouTube policies are very strict about copyright, adding a watermark it could be shown on all your videos and at all the time.
This little addition can convert your viewers to subscribe as organic content. This is video hacking trick that can use for your YouTube channel right away.

Do Notice, there are various options to show the watermark. Changes might be confused Audience like your using, your logo as a watermark that is really good but if you change that as a subscriber so it might be not well. In this case, I would like to suggest you use Subscribe icon it gradually helps in increments of a subscriber.

2. Straight your Channel URL with SML magic string

Trust me it’s a really smart way to increase subscription from who click on your channel link.
If someone searched about your channel on Google, Google will also show your video in search engine result page (SERP) if your channel URL is clear.

E.g.  Auto URL: https://www.youtube.com/heifbaidbrokdjan937bro93
Custom URL https://www.youtube.com/user/
Your name 

This is the difference between each other to make your URL smart and lets users quickly subscribe to your channel.
You can use SML magic string with tip#2 (above) or also when you add a YouTube channel link on your blog, social media or any other places.

3. Regular upload your video

If you want more view more subscribers more traffic and more everything so just read YouTube policies. YouTube clearly declares for more trafficviewers, the subscription you have to upload regularly. The main reasons someone subscribes to your channel are that they love the work of the publisher and wants to see more of their videos

For yearly and monthly uploaded channels also face poor viewer’s problem. Usually, the subscriber does not like the channel that doesn’t post regular content. Even Digital age, consumers want continually more and more entertainment. You need to be able to keep up with your subscriber’s demands.

Secretly it is the key to developing a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers.

Be a punctual post your videos in a timely, recurring, and structured fashion. Try to realize one to two videos per week… or at least four or six per month for better results and impression.

4. Optimize your video titles

learn how to optimize video titles. It is one of the great ways for more viewers and in this way you’re getting a lot of people coming to your channel based on curiosity alone.

Video title plays a very major role in the YouTube platform, getting more views and more subscribers that your channel needs to benefit from the social proof factor.

Here are the best tips for optimizing your YouTube titles for greatest reach.

1. Use the trendy keywords in your title and tags and also use Google Trend tool.
2. Use Google keyword planner for high volume keywords.
3. Make your title between 66 to 65 words and also add.“YouTube” in last.
4. Avoid other languages for a title because Google also fetches English only.

5. Personalize video thumbnails.

The video thumbnail is the second weapon in video war. After the title, your thumbnail is explaining content. Create a custom video thumbnail for each and every video instead of letting one be randomly generated. This only makes sense.

Using boring, unfit, and fake images as custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos will decrease your videos’ CTR (click-through rate). And in another sense, if you’re using annotations and relevant image as custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos will increase CTR. A custom video thumbnail with a minor annotation is a backbone of your video and it will tell your users what your video is all about.

6. Use the right tools.

Using tools for the promotion of the video is a great way for more subscribers and views but using and finding a right to for your YouTube channel or video is pretty hard and it helps you increase your organic viewership, there are lot of tools available in the market that helps to promote of your videos.

If you want, get more subscribers so you should gain organic views. Highly Recommended Tools for Organic Viewers on YouTube Marketing.


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7. Write SEO Friendly Description.

This is another hacking tip. Did you accord to YouTube policies, YouTube fetch every keyword in your videos?

Yes, video description is very valuable it’s not about too neglected, description will not only let your videos be found in search engines but even they’ll also give potential viewers and subscribers an idea of what your video is about.

Having a very detailed description makes no sense did you know why? Because only the first two to four lines of your description show up when the video is initially loaded. 

Again, like the video title, you should use your title keyword in the description, and again, don’t overdo it. Because only the first 2 to four lines of your description show up when the video is initially loaded. Doing this will actually hurt your chances of showing up on YouTube.

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