17+ Best free SEO tools that you must be using in 2009

best free seo tools

Are you looking for the best free SEO tools? Great, you’re at the right place. After deep research on the topic “Free SEO Tool” list, I come back with these most useful SEO tools, which is so helpful for the website, and you must use it. I am sure, with the help of these tools you’ must rank on the top of any search engine, and you would enjoy it.

Here is the list of best free SEO tools in 2019

  1. Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, and Search Console and Mobile Friendly Check, etc.

    These all are Google’s product, which is stands for website health, keywords suggestions, and site link indexing purpose.

Google makes some of the best free SEO tools. Let’s get started, one by one.

  1. Google Analytics

    Your website is incomplete without Google Analytics; check out the advantages of GA.

  •   Target your online visitors.
    • You can easily evaluate your traffic flow through your website.
    • Know what users are searching on your website.
    • Campaigns Targeted
    • Automated Emails
    • Goal Setting
    • Monitoring
    • Customized Data/ Report.• Allow for Campaign Tracking.
  1. Google Keyword Planner:

    here is the best advantage of Google Keyword Planner that is why you must use it.

  • You can find out the best Keyword for use
    • Keyword Analyzation
    • Keyword Density Analyzation
  1. Google Search Console

    Search console allows accessing a large amount of information about How Google Understands your Websites.
    • Keyword performance Analysis
    • Crawl Errors identification + Indexation Analysis.
    • Fetch As Google
    • Mobile Speed Checker (Mobile Analysis)
    • Rich Snippet Optimizations
    • Page Equity Sharing

  2. Mobile Optimization

    According to Google Algorithm “Your website will not rank, if it is not a Mobile-Friendly” now you can understand, the website should be mobile optimized, let’s check it out benefits of Mobile optimizations.

  • Lightweight Website
    • Easily smartphone accessible
    • More chance to rank 1st of the Google

    2. Yoast Free SEO Tools 

Are you a WordPress user? Running WordPress website? Yes, then why didn’t your Yoast plugin.  Did you know “it is perhaps the only SEO plugin you’ll ever need? Trust me your website is incomplete without Yoast SEO plugin, it is allowing you to write SEO content, Meta description, and cover full on-page optimizations.

Here is the list of “Yoast Features”

  • Yoast SEO helps you boost your website conversion rates.
    • Improve your overall website sales.
    • Help you for best optimizing search friendly content.
    • It is also allowing you to use XML sitemaps and image optimizations.
    • A visitor is paying money if they find the right stuff.
    • You can target your specific keyword.
    • Yoast allows you for “Slug” additions.
    • Yoast is just not SEO tool only; it is also cover social media preview to boost
    your social media activity.

There is 100% probability you can rank at the 1st of Google with the help of Yoast plugin.
Yoast is available in both free, and perineum. Don’t worries is also good for beginners and am sure you can also rank with the free plan at the top.

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  1. Keyworddit Free SEO Tools

It is a Reddit keyword research tool, which is helping to extracts keyword from subreddit. Why should you use it? Here are the best reasons

What is Reddit?

keyworddit seo free tool

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, discussion, and web content website, or platform.

According to the March 2019 Reddit official report “Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors, and 234 million unique users” ranking as the no.6 most visited website in the U.S. and 21 in the world.

I think, Now you all dote, are clear why you have to use Keyworddit.

Using Keyworddit is a smart idea for keywords, just enter any subreddit “Entrepreneur” and it’ll pull out a list of a more than a few hundred plus keywords, with the monthly search volumes.

  1. SEO Web Page Analyzer Free SEO Tools

Check out your website SEO scour out of 100. You can easily check each and every page SEO scour of your website. Here is the best key feature of SEO Webs Page Analyzer.

seo webpage analyzer free seo tools

  • Your website General information
    • Meta title & Description
    • Heading Structure of this page
    • Content analysis of the page
    • Keyword analysis of the page
    • Hyperlinks on the page
    • You can check out the number of External, Internal links on the page
    • You can also check out Image optimizer source.
    • Social media analyzer

The best thing about SEO Web Page Analyzer is, it will also guide you for “How can you fix” “How to solve site problem” as well as it will also send your web page full report via Email.

  1. SERProbot Free SEO Tools

SERP free seo tools

Check your website Search Engine Ranking Position, quickly and easily just by using SERProbot. It is a free google ranking checker tool, you can to find your websites Google search ranking position instantly in real time for free!

Yes, website position so matters for ranking, with the help of this free tool you can check out the SEO health, targeting keyword position improvements, keyword position, and what the competition is up to or make plans for a new site.

The best feature of SERProbot is, it is a free SEO tool and no need for any registration for use. Just insert your domain (URL) and list of your targeted keywords.

  1. Similar web Free SEO Tools

similerweb free seo tools

The similar web is not an SEO tool, but the main reason to inclination in the Free SEO Tools category is. It is allowing you to check out competitors, or any other website traffic, total visitors, the real-time and total amount of monthly traffic to a website.

It is available in both website (platform), and also in Google Chrome Extension.

  1. Smush Image Compression/Optimizations

Image, infographic, and slide are the trend now. It’s really so helpful for a better understanding of your content. We all used these but what’s about optimization? Yes, image optimization is as important as content ranking at the top pages. There are a lot of people who use Google Image daily.

smush free seo tools

Smush is a WordPress plugin, which so important SEO tools for WordPress users if your WordPress user so you must use it. It is a free WordPress compressing, optimizing, and resizing images plugin on your site. Use Smush to ensure that your web page load lightning fast.
Here are few more Image Optimization Tools

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  1. Answer The Public Free SEO Tools

Well, this is the most important SEO tool for increments in readability; answer the public fetches Google autocomplete queries in bulk and divides them into various lists. It is most useful for uncovering the questions people are asking in Google, and the most important thing of “Answer the public” it is also free, but with limitations.

answer the public free seo tools

Also, check out similar tools.

• Soovle
• Keyword Shitter
• Keywordtool.io

  1. Google Chrome DevTools Free SEO Tools

This is Google Chrome’s built-in web page debugging tool. It is really so helpful in the manner of Page Speed Improvements, speed issue solution, increment in performance, and more.

Devtools is also free, and most Important SEO tool, you must use it for technical SEO standpoint.

  1. WhirwSparek Local citation finder

This is another most important, and useful SEO tools, Whirwsparek is standing to find the local citation opportunities for your business, like Google My Business.

WhirwSparek free seo tools

It is not just for a local; even it also examines your competitor and monitors citation growth. If you’re in the local SEO industry so you must use it.

  1. BrowSEO Free SEO Tools

Did you know, how Google views your website, read, and understand? Well, I think you don’t know about is so let me explain BrowSEO is showing you’re an exact website, as Google has seen it.

BrowSEO Free SEO Tools

Let’s see “How Web Page Look Without CSS or unnecessary styling.”

BrowSEO is free tools, powered by “Mainz” and it is so useful for understanding whether Googlebot sees your site as intended.

  1. Merge Words Free SEO Tools

Merge Words free seo tools

Generate a list of local search queries, which is based on your device location or product features. You can use it to come up with different variations of keywords for pasting into keyword research tools. Merge Words is also a free tool.

14.Head Master Free SEO Tools

Check out the code status for a list of URLs, in bulk mood, HeadMasterSEO is a simple and quick tool, which is check between 2 or 6 million URLs on most computers.

Try this best free SEO tools, if your website is a web-based application.

  1. Neil Patel tools (ubersuggest/SEO analyzer/SEO training)

Neil is the world most popular, and top Digital Marketer Expert. He is an offer a number of tools, at their website; and carries out the best thing for their audience.

neil patel free seo tools

UberSuggest; my favorite SEO tool, here you can plan you’re a keyword, as well as you can check the full report of your keyword; check out the fey feature of UberSuggest.

• Search Volume
• SEO Difficulty
• Paid Difficulty
• Cost Per Click (CPC)
• Monthly Search Volume
• Keyword idea
• Keyword Suggestion
• Keyword trend
• Keyword Idea

Recently he was updating Backlink Panel, where you can analysis your competitor and Page, Domain authority.

SEO Training
He is also offering SEO training, at their blog, and YouTube channel. Just go there and follow them.
SEO Analyzer
A single blog contains many best tools, click here and check this awesome tool.

16. SmallSEOTools Free Seo Tools

SmallSEOTools.com offer 161 free SEO tools that is much for everybody, I would like to suggest you please try, once time. it is the perfect package of SEO tools, you can find all type of SEO tools. check out the number of Free SEO Tools category

Small SEO tools list

  • Text Content Tools
  • Image Optimization/Editing Tools
  • Keyword Tools
  • Backlink Tools
  • Website Management Tools
  • Website Tracking Tools
  • Proxy Tools
  • Domain Tools
  • Meta Tag Tools
  • Password Management Tools
  • Online PDF Tools
  • Development Tools
  • Convert Tools
  • Binary Convert Tools

17.  SEMrush Free SEO Tools

In which type of SEO tool are you looking for, and is your expectation about it?  

  • Technical SEO audit
  • Semantic Core Collection
  • Position Tracking
  • Ideas for Gaining more Organic Traffic
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • “Not Provided” problem Solution
  • BackLink Audit & Analysis

SEMrush free SEO tools

Do you want these features? or wants All-In-One marketing Toolkit. Great! this Professional SEO tool is for you.  Your website is totally incomplete without SEMrush, no matter while you have done many things, but still not using SEMrush so, I think you can not rank.

SEMrush offer amazing SEO tools, that will help you for generating organic traffic, and any Digital Marketing Components.

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