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A Little Bit About Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the backbone of digital marketing and you can call it influencer marketing, Email marketing also stands for instant leads and sales 

Top Secret Of Email Marketing

  • 9 billion people use email applications 
  • 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis
  • 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with
  • 1/3 of consumers have purchased products and services from emails

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Digital Cyberian Email Marketing Service Fetures

Email Templates

we offer best email marketing templates for your industry.

List Cleaning

Clean your email list from spam, suspended and bounce email contacts.


No Spam, No Bounce

No matter how trusted the list is, we proceed it with our validation tools to ensure there is no span or bounce to the campaign.

Personalized Messages

The emails are sent as if they were sent personally, addressing to the recipient by his/her name.


Mobile Friedly Templated

With our ‘Mobile 1st’ design strategy, all emails are designed to work perfectly on all mobile and tablet devices.

Tracking & Analysis

You get your results emailed after the campaign is delivered. Activities like Open, Click & Unsubscribe are tracked with robust tools.

We Cover All Email Marketing Service

  • Promotional Email

Have a great sale coming up and want to alert your customer mailing list?

  • Newsletter Marketing
We are the best email marketing newsletter service provider in India for sending huge volume emails and a one-stop for all your email newsletter marketing service
  • Bulk Email Service

Want to send emails to a huge list of recipients like 1,00,000 to 10,00,000 in the shortest time? Our bulk emailing service can help you to reach Bulk in a short time with a high delivery rate.

  • Mass Email Service
Mass emailing became an essential component of modern mass email marketing strategies. Direct mail marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful mass mail marketing solution. 
  • Lead Generation

Generating leads through email marketing is an art and science. It is one of the most effective ways to get new clients and gain a lot of leads.

  • Mass Email Service
Mass emailing became an essential component of modern mass email marketing strategies. Direct mail marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful mass mail marketing solution. 


  • The key performance indicators we look at for email marketing are new subscribers, open-rate, click-through-rates, and conversions. We will measure and evaluate these metrics monthly to optimize for conversions.

  • We recommend sending weekly email blasts. However, the volume of email blast is different for every business. The purpose of email blasts is to increase awareness, engagement, and website clicks. Therefore, the more email blasts you send, the more opportunities you have to do this. Some small businesses send daily emails, while others send weekly or monthly emails.

  • You will be assigned a dedicated digital marketing specialist. This person is trained in email marketing and is likely to have experience working with clients similar to your industry. This person will be your main point of contact. In addition, your digital marketing specialist reports to a Director, who reviews all deliverables before it is sent to you. This is to ensure that you receive quality work and to resolve tough situations.

  • We only require a 3-month contract, where we then we go month-to-month afterwards. or if you were not satisfied with us so you can leave us after 3 months

  • In the questionnaire, we learn more about your target audience and email preferences. In the strategy we develop for you, it will specify the email marketing approach that we will use for your business. If you approve this approach, we will start developing emails for your business. You will have an opportunity to review all advertisements in advance before it is published.

  • No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it.

  • Your digital marketing specialist can develop unique emails that fits your brand. We have access to stock photography, simple design software, as well as relevant news sources. We can use this to develop emails to engage your audience.

    Will you monitor the email campaign to make sure we do not waste any money?


Contract And Setup Fee

  • We offer initial contract terms of 3 months. After the initial contract term is complete, your account will be serviced on a month-to-month basis. You have the option to cancel at anytime with a 30 day written or digital notice. After 30 days, we will cancel all services and return any information we have back to you.



  • If you are ready to get started, contact us. One of our business development specialists will help you identify the best plan of action and develop a proposal for you. Upon your approval, we will send you a contract and get your campaign started asap.


  • There is a one-time setup fee. It is primarily for getting you setup on or end to run your campaign. We will set you up in our search engine systems, analytics systems, and other administrative tasks. We would also set up necessary email marketing accounts for you.